DIY table plan cards

Create your own table plans with our DIY table plan cards.

We supply a backing card of your choice and either paper or card to print the guest names per table.

Please note that if printing these yourself at home please purchase the paper insert as most home printers will not take the thickness of our card.

If choosing to have these printed by us then you can choose either paper or card. For details of our in house printing service please click here.

Our table plan cards measure:

Backing Card 140x95mm

Top Card or Paper Piece 130x85mm

The Top Table Card size 310x100mm  Paper insert size 300x90mm

We are more than happy to provide a ready made service for these table plan cards at from £2.00 a card - this includes printing, sticking and decoration. Please email for details. Designs will be available online to purchase shortly

please hover over small pictures to see larger view