DIY tissue pompoms

Decorate your barn or wedding venue room with DIY tissue pompoms! Available in 24 colours and really easy to make.

Each pompom only takes 5-10 minutes to make and all you need is 10 sheets of tissue, ribbon or string to tie and hang with and a pair of scissors.

Try using 2 colours to make a rainbow pompom or use 5 sheets of tissue and cut in half to create 10 smaller sheets to make smaller sized pompoms.

Follow our step by step instructions to easily make your own pom pom

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  • Smaller pompom

    Smaller pompom

  • Large pompom

    Large pompom

  • Smaller pale pink pompom

    Smaller pale pink pompom

Step one: Lay out 10 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other with the  long length facing away from you.

Step two: Crease over the tissue approx 1.5" and flatten down to ensure a definite crease along all tissue sheets.

Step three: Fold the tissue back on itself and flatten down.

Step four: Continue steps 2 and 3 to create a concertina effect.

Step five: Once all this length of the tissue has been made into the concertina effect secure around the middle with a piece of string/ribbon.

Step six: Cut the edges to a round or pointy shape. (This option can be left out if you do not want this desired effect)

Step seven: Holding the tissue around the secured middle, start to pull/fan out the individual sheets working on both sides.

Step eight: Pull out all sheets of tissue.

Step nine: Once all sheets are pulled out, position when necessary to fill in any gaps.

Step ten: The finised pompom can be hung from the ceiling with wire/ribbon. Tie ribbon/wire around the middle of the pompom (where it has been earlier secured)

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