Large Rectangle Cake Boxes

>Cake favour boxes are a great idea for those guests that are not able to come to the reception or if you want to hand our the cake as gifts at the end of the evening. These cake boxes are ideal for a small piece of cake or for 2 chocolate truffles.

Cake is often served as dessert but for those not eating dessert at the reception then these boxes are perfect to give your guests a small piece of cake to take home. Cake can also double up as a favour gift to the guests so save you a little money.

This style has a tuck in lid and is size 100x70x45mm

A large version of the popular rectangle cake box for those that like to give a generous portion of cake. Some also find this cake box easier for chocolate cakes as chocolate cakes can be harder co cut into small pieces.
Please remember that these boxes DO NOT come with the decorations however everything you see is available to purchase on the site.

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