Wood Signing Chips

Wood signing chips are a fun alternative to a guest box. These wood chips compliment the very popular rustic wedding themes and can be placed on the gift table for guests to sign.

Guest simply write their message on a wooden chip and place in a box or basket provided by the happy couple.

The bride and groom will forever have a memento of their day and could even stick and frame the chips after!

Approx 60-70 chips each measuring .7" x 2.25"


The warm and rustick wood basket can be used to place the wood chips in and as a home decoration after the event. Measures 9" x 4.5"


  • Wood Signing Chips

    Wood Signing Chips

  • Wood Basket for chips

    Wood Basket for chips

LRGA561: Wood Signing Chips
£6.00 ex VAT
Price £7.2 inc VAT
Min qty 1, sold by the pack thereafter
LRGA560: Wood Basket for Chips
£12.95 ex VAT
Price £15.54 inc VAT
Min qty 1, sold individually thereafter